gesers gimmick

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gesers gimmick

Post  geser on Fri May 21, 2010 3:55 am

Face or heel-heel
Height- 1,75 cm
weight- 85 kg
Hometown-Somwhere in Russia Smile
Physical Appearance- well... red knee-breeches, old scar, which stretches along the right hand from the shoulder to the elbow, on the left leg is tattooed a big snake.
Description of gimmick- irascible, angry. loves to eat, that is absolutely no effect on its weight. knows sambo and karate, but often struggles with air tricks
Nicknames: geser, Russian destroyer.
Catchphrases: I can not speak in English, but it does not prevent me to kick your ass
Taunts: laugh
Trademarks: hurricanrana and dying bulldog
Finisher Descriptions: geser climbs the turnbuckle
and jumps forwards, landing on his opponent after a backflip in mid-air, connecting with a Shooting Star Press!
Picture-not now)
Entrance Video:


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