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Lassethy's gimmick

Post  Lassethy on Fri May 21, 2010 1:20 pm

Name: Lassethy

Face or heel: Heel

Height: 208 cm

Weight: 180kg

Hometown: Bornholm Denmark

Physical appearences: Bald, blue eyes, black shorts, big hellhound tatoo on the back, and a scar running on the shoulder.

Description of Gimmick : He's the big guy, that have left his small country for some harder challenges, trying to prove himself against the toughest opponents, by chrushing them one at a time.
He's tough, resilient and not afraid to use dirty tricks when they are needed. He will do whatever it takes to make the top

Nicknames: The Big dane(TBD)

Catch phrases :
"I've eaten pies bigger than you!"

before the match starts.. Starring into the opponents eyes, makes a sign as "I cut your throat"(draws with a thumb over my neck and pointing at the opponent) and saying "You better start praying."

Trademark moves: only a few signature moves atm.. will be updated

Finishers: Spinebuster: lifts the opponent across the shoulders and bent his back hard and then slamming onto the mat with the full weight on the bent back.
Bone smasher: Lifting the opponent up on the back, holding the arms, then slamming the opponent on the mat and jumping on his legs.
Heavy shoulder lock: Grabbing the opponents legs under the arms, and pinning the opponents shoulders with his knees.
Entrance video:
Its this so far, will change in the future.. for the better hopefully.

Picure: Will come soon

After growing up in the quiet and peaceful country of denmark always known he was destined to something bigger, he started to train and fight to become a great wrestler. After years of training he decided to go face the challenge of the pro wrestling abroad.


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