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skotta's Gimmick

Post  skotta on Fri May 21, 2010 2:54 pm

Name: skotta

Face or Heel: Heel at first, later on Face

Height: 1.98m (6f 6in)

Weight: 133kg (292 lb)

Hometown: The Hague, The Netherlands

Physical Appearance (hair, eyes, and clothes, plus any tattoos or scars)

Description of gimmick (What makes your character who he/she is?)

Nicknames: The Icelandic Warrior, Showmaker, The Apprentice of RonaldReedijk, Mr Univers


Taunts: Rain of ice

Trademarks Moves: Icelandic brake-up slam, Modified Double Axe Handle, Modified DDT

Finisher Descriptions: Crossfix, Ice dream

Entrance Video


Backstory: as a young boy, growing up in Iceland, and going to The Netherlands to live with his mum, I always thought that The WWE was THE way of living, so several years later after I became MR Univers, I made the step to profesional Wrestling, not without succes, as I may say so myself.

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