Chop Fat's Gimmick

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Chop Fat's Gimmick

Post  chopfat on Fri May 21, 2010 12:55 pm

Name Chop Fat

Face or Heel Either

Height 6ft 3in

Weight 30 st

Hometown Norwich UK

Physical Appearance shaved head wearing a green overalls/boilersuit

Description of gimmick The World's fattest wrestler

Nicknames The Fat Pig

Catchphrases Just Eat it

Taunts 'Squeal little pig' 'Eggy Grunt' 'Kune Kune'

Trademarks Moves 'Boneless leg of pork joint' 'Pork belly slap' 'Spare rib tickler'

Finisher Descriptions 'Chop fat crackle' 'Chop fat's spare tyre gut buster' 'Hog tied squealer'

Entrance Video

Picture Will work on it

Backstory will work on it

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