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solladiego Interview

Post  solladiego on Wed May 26, 2010 4:49 pm

The camera goes to backstage where is Natalie with a new wrestler.

Natalie: Hi MLW universe, we are here to welcome a new wrestler to our fed. Please, tell us your name

solladiego: Hi, my name is solladiego, nice to meet you Natalie

Natalie:Me too, and what can you tell us about you...

solladiego: Well, I`m from Argentina, I was a member of the army of Argentina, so I was trained in many tipes of fight and weapons

Natalie: Wow, that`s impressive. And why you left the army and became a wrestler?

solladiego: Sorry, but that`s something that I don`t want to say right now

Natalie: Ok, no worry. And why you sign here in the MLW?

solladiego: Because I want new challenges, I win many tittles in my country, so when I hear about MLW, I don`t doubt and I send my application to the GM. He calls me and say: we want you here in the MLW, and well I`m here. I`m very excited for this opportunity and I`ll do my best!!

Natalie: It`s time to go on with the show... Do you want to say something to the audience and fans?

solladiego: Only on thing... If you want peace, BE READY FOR WAR!!!!

The camere return to the ringside to continue with the show

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