Interview with Icewall

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Interview with Icewall

Post  icewall on Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:43 pm

Natalie: "Hello everybody, I am standing here with Icewall"
*The camera shifts over to Icewall*
Natalie: "How does it feel to be so hated by the fans?"

Icewall: "I cant really just change my style so more would love me, there is a "staircase" that leads to the top of wrestling and the important thing to me is to constant climb that danm stair and I am"

Natalie: "It seems like you lost some fans back in your first match when Big Sora defeated with the help from Lassethy and even when you bounced back and took them both down, the fans got bored, what do you thing you are doing wrong?"

Icewall: "You will have to ask the fans for than question, but I just hope that Djfox gives me a couple of good matches, so i yet again can prove myself to the fans"

Natalie:"I for one will look forward for your next match and thats sums its all up"

*The camera fading away*


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