interview with skotta

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interview with skotta

Post  skotta on Thu May 27, 2010 12:45 am

Natalie: Good evening wrestling fans, im here backstage waiting for skotta.

* a dressingroomdoor slams open

skotta: hi natalie, finaly found the way to my dressingroom?

Natalie: Uhh yes, i have some questions.

skotta: go ahead hun (big smirk on his face)

Natalie: what do you think of your first opponent? Max Cheer.

skotta: well ntalie, he is a good wrestler, but he isn't Mr Univers like me ( shows his big musles )
i will make short bussines of him, because i want to prepare myself for my next opponent.

Natalie: you mean The G
skotta: Yells STOP don't mention that name !!!! I dont wanna hear that name ever again, in my next match i will put him out of action forever.

* skotta turns away and leaves Natalie standing, and slams the door behind him

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