Debut RP CCC vs The German

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Debut RP CCC vs The German

Post  Captain Charisma on Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:55 am

*We're backstage as we seen CCC enters the lunch room.Only The German is in the Room either*

CCC: Hi German.Your Taking your Lunch Aren't you?

The German: Whats the Matter with you?! How Can you dare yourself and speak to me that Way? Im the future of MLW you should show me some Respect Christian!

CCC: Oh Boy,Really?! Last Time i checked i was the Reigning MLW Amateur Champion! In MY Oppinion you should be very Careful what you sayin to me German!

The German: ....

CCC: But no problem.How about i give you a Shot at my Title and Show you and my peeps why they Call me The Instant Classic!What you Think?

The German: Your on,Pal.Let's Face each other Tonight and see what happens!

*After Speaking out his Words German slaps Captain Charisma to the Ground*

*crowd boos The German*

The German: You should never bite more then you can Chew Bucko!..See you in the Ring.

*german leaves the Lunch Room,leaving Christian beaten down*
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