last show and vs.ccc

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last show and vs.ccc

Post  The German on Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:19 am

Backstage in the Interview corner

Natalie:Hi and Welcome in the Interview corner

The German: Thanks Natalie

Natalie: What you say to your fight and the other fights in the second Show

The German: Dont talk about my last fight Natalie, but i see the fight Capitan Charisma versus Awsome dude and CCC had a easy fight in this show and get The MLW Amateur Championship title

Natalie: Right, and you think you are a harder opponent for CCC

The German:Oh yeah i will, i put him the peeps in his f....g.. a... let him scream in very bad pain and at last i knock him cold out

The German leave the Interview corner
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