The German to Skotta interview in the show

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The German to Skotta interview in the show

Post  The German on Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:27 pm

a lockerdoor open and Natalie come in with his cameraman and go to The German

Natalie:Hi i have some questions to the interview from Skotta in the first show, he is

The German break Natalie

The German: Skotta,Skotta,who is Skotta

Natalie: The guy you will fight in thi..

The German Grabs the mic from Natalie

The German: STOP I know ,i know he is really go to the boss and ask him for a match versus me HAHAHAHAHA i see he won his first fight versus Max Cheer but iam not a loser like Max i will destroy Max in seconds but for you Skotta i need maybe a minute and you will fall HAHAHAHAHA that all

The German drop the mic to the feets of Natalie go out of the lockerroom and prepaire to fight vs. SKotta
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