BiG Sora vs Icewall

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BiG Sora vs Icewall

Post  BiG Sora on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:07 pm

Natalie: Hi MLW Universe, let me introduce to you, our newest member from Germany, BiG Sora
*The Camera shows BiG Sora*
Natalie: Hey BiG Sora, please explain the MLW Univserse about your targets here in MLW.
BiG Sora: Well i joined MLW to make an Impact and earn respect, Its really an honour to be a part of the MLW roster.
Natalie: At the upcoming show you got a match against Icewall, you want to say anything about it?
*BiG Sora smiles*
BiG Sora: Oh yea, im really excited about that, But as i said im here to make an impact and earn respect, So Mr.Icewall ill show you no mercy if we enter the ring.
Natalie: That sounds really self-confident.....
BiG Sora. Of course it does, i mean look at me , im pretty strong and tall, who can stop this?
Natalie: Ok ok, thats enough, lets come to an end, MLW Universe, i hope you will enjoy our show.
*BiG Sora is posing while the camera fades away*
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