Logan Creed statement

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Logan Creed statement

Post  Shakerbork on Wed May 26, 2010 5:30 pm

*Creed enters the screen with a calm but dangerous expression on his face, petting his left fist with the right hand*

Logan Creed: So our BELOVED general manager obviously thinks, his show doesn't need a Creed?!? *is getting angry*

Logan Creed: Nobody... better listen! NOBODY, ignores the Excellence of Evolution, Logan Creed like that! *starts smiling*

Logan Creed: You think you got better guys out there than ME??? Well, I guess that sends me on a mission, mr. manager... Match or not, I will be a that show and I will clean MY precious ring from any unworthy insect, that happens to be in my way! And when it's all said and done... when the smoke clears and you start counting the victims of YOUR arrogance...

*grabs a steel chair and grins*

Logan Creed: ...they will refer to me as the CHAIRman of MLW, hihihihihi!!!!!!

*leaves the screen pulling the chair behind him thus making a scratching sound*


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