BiG Sora`s Gimmick

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BiG Sora`s Gimmick

Post  BiG Sora on Wed May 26, 2010 1:13 am

Name: BiG Sora

Face or Heel: Tweener

Height: 209cm

Weight: 124 kg

Hometown: Recklinghausen, Germany

Physical Appearance no hair (balled) brown eyes, black leather pants, black muscle shirt with his name on it.

Catchphrases: You will get in BiG trouble, hell yeah......

Trademarks Moves: Modified Samoan Drop, Modified Axe Kick, Modified Double Axe Handle

Finisher Descriptions BiG trouble - Big Sora lifts opponend on his shoulders
and slams him on the mat executing powerful Big trouble!!

Entrance Video: