Debut of CCC

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Debut of CCC

Post  Captain Charisma on Mon May 24, 2010 2:32 pm

*The Camera came into play as you see a great blond Man entering the GM#s office*

GM: Excuse Me,Can i Help you?

CCC: No,but i will help you soon..Im maybe soon to be the biggest Star of this Company..With me MLW gains great Star Power..

*crowd cheering CCC Instantly*

CCC: And my Peeps out there know that im gonna put one hell of a show to satisfy them and make them proud to be my Fans.

*Crowd Cheering Instantly*

CCC: So i say Sign me and i will take the Boredomness outta here and make This Fed to the Best Fed in the Universe

*Christian puts on his TM Smile*

GM: OK ..Here's the Happy to have you here..

*Christian Signs the Contract*

CCC: Same over here..U have brought the Biggest Impact U can do to MLW..And the Guys around should be prepared..cause Captain Charisma is around...And it has a reason that they Call me "The Instant Classic"

*Christian walks out the Office as the Cam Fades Away*
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