german vs. skotta

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german vs. skotta

Post  The German on Mon May 24, 2010 1:40 am

in the moment at skotta leave the ring the music from the german goes on! and he comes to the ring he goes straight to skotta grap the mic from the ground look skotta deep in his eyes *the crowd is scream GERMAN GERMAN*

The German: HAHAHAHA you dont want hear my name listen to the crowd they know who is the best in the ring! when we enter the ring for one fall hahaha it is ridiculous you want really fight me face to face ! i will give you a slow punishment that you never forget the name THE GERMAN !!!

The German drop the mic graps really fast skottas hair skotta is upset and the german perform a violent German K.O. the german music go on and he can hear the crowd is scream german german and now he is go out of the arena with a big smile in his face!
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