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Logan Creed

Post  Shakerbork on Sun May 23, 2010 3:20 am

Name: Logan Creed

face/heel: Tweener but 80% heel Wink

hight: 1,85m

weight: 88kg

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

physical appearance: bald with a hobo-like beard, one brown eye and one with a red contact, no tattoos, wearing an old tattered suit and sunglasses during entrance, wrestling in suit-pants and dirty white shirt with blood-stains

gimmick: With the arrival of Logan Creed, survival of the fittest will be the only rule in the wrestling-business from now on and for evermore! For fare too long I ignored this burning desire to dominate the wrestling scene. For far too long ailing in an dungeon-like office almost caused insanity and with every wrestling-show on tv, the virus dug deeper and deeper into my brain. Becoming a wrestler became a posession and the borders between real life and entertainment slowly blurred. Imitating wrestling-legends was just the beginning until knocking my boss out cold with a chair finally sealed my fate!!! After months of training and sacrifice, living on the streets, I am ready to attack after wrestling-mediocrity wasted my time for far too long and made my eyes bleed. FINALLY the "die-hard darwinist" will put everyone to the test, who dares stand up against him, brother!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
It will not be about titles! It will not be about wins! It's all about destroying the weak!!! And that's the bottom line...

A new age has begun! Fear the age of Creed! ... ... ... Creeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!

catchphrase: Fear the age of Creed!

nicknames: Die-hard Darwinist, Excellence of Evolution

taunts: Dominant DNA, You waste my time, loser!, Existence denied!

trademarks: Execution of Evolution, T4, Rain of Pain

finisher: Leap of Evolution, Means of Extinction, Genetic Selection

backstory: A former office-agent, bored and disenchanted with life behind a desk. After ignoring his true fate for too long, he trades wife, house and career for what he loves to be most - a wrestler! Hacked off by what he sees on tv, he decides to sweep the rosters of any given federation and save the business from every wannabe wrestler and jabroni he encounters...
by ANY means necessary!!!! He has a funny and understanding inside though, hidden deep down inside, what makes him comparable to the Joker (Heath Ledger version).

pic: https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/23/81/48/evil11.jpg


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