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Post  ghostinshell on Sat May 22, 2010 4:45 pm

Birth place :small vilage near to Moskow
95 kg
teh style-technick
Learned from yought years russian fight stile-sambo
very well treaning body
jarhead hear style
weared in sporting wear
stonecold eyes ,very concentrate in everything what he do.Wolf eyes,clear mind ,and strong body make him most difficult opponent for you.
15 years sambo experianse,BJJ black belt,Shaolin nan chuan -black belt.Well rounded,perfeck submision technic.
most famous nick name is Bonebreaker.
Have a experiance as consult in KGB.
Born in small russian vilage.In age 7 start to train age 16 is already Russian federation yought champion,starting train Shaolin nn chuan style.Go to Moskow and graduate sporting univercitet.start to work as policeman at 22.after that start to work for KGB.Continued train BJJ.Earn black belat after 5 years.Never stoped his practice.Have some medals from competitions.All the time serve covernment an countrey.Very streath,man who bwlives in ideals and good .
Socialty server,hate everything wrong,and fight against.
Single ,no brothers or sisters,Mother and father past alaw long time ago.
Sport and serving for good is most importend for him
Tag teamate with altoman,they is almoust unstopable.
Strenghts-Very strong fisical and well prepared technicly.Cleared mind,stone heart,stone fists.
weakness-Think he is unbeaten ,fearless.

sotcial live-not so active.Help yought genneration to find right way in several goverment projects
Think the wrestling is one of this ways to show differance betwine good and evil


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