Striker Thijesher's Gimmick

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Striker Thijesher's Gimmick

Post  Striker Thijesher on Sat May 22, 2010 3:39 am

Name: Striker Thijesher

Alignment: Neutral/Tweener, will choose to attack or support any face or heel based on his own reasoning

Height: 6ft 7in

Weight: 280lb

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Physical Appearance: Big Muscular chap, Deceptively agile
Attire #1: (Supporting Face) - Camouflage (Green/Black) design cargo pants, Camouflage (Green/Black) design vest
Attire #2: (Supporting Heel) - Camouflage (Red/Black) design cargo pants, Red vest, [knuckle buster specialty]

Character + Gimmick Description:
A wrestler who once quit to become an Army Man. He returns to Wrestling, as he considers his ability and experience the best. A Lone Ranger, he helps those whose abilities in the ring he believes rival his own. Due to his neutral gimmick, he makes a great Special Referee.

NickNames: Lone Ranger, London Ranger, War Veteran

Catchphrases: "You think YOU'RE good enough to fight ME in the ring?", "ARMY TRAINING. That's what [he/they] need(s)!",
"I was in the Army for (Audience: 10 years). Nearly died (Audience: 100 times). You think a mere human like you can scare me?"(Audience cheer madly)

Frantic Chanting (Face) (Striker Thijesher feeds off the audience, who luodly chant "Striker, Striker, Striker!")
Ring of Fire (Heel) (Striker Thijesher, channeling the spirit of Kane, raises his arms slowly into the air and brings them down, at which point flames erupt all around. (Pyro effect))

Trademark Moves: Strike Splash and Cover (Big Splash), Strike and Takedown, Animal Dreadnought Strike (Gorilla Press)

Finisher Descriptions:
Install'n'Delete - Striker Thijesher takes a laptop from the audience member and presses ''delete'' after which the opponent falls down in the ring executing a devastating Install'n'delete!
Swinging DDT Pin - Striker Thijesher gets the opponent into a headlock, and while jumping, turns around and rams the opponent's head into the mat then covers him executing a devastating Swinging DDT Pin!

Entrance Video: Coming Soon! Theme Most Likely "Indestructible" by Disturbed.

Striker Thijesher

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