x El Blaze x's Gimmick

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x El Blaze x's Gimmick

Post  x El Blaze x on Fri May 21, 2010 10:15 pm

Name - x El Blaze x

Face or Heel - Heel 75% of the time Wink

Height - 5ft 7inches

Weight - 189lbs

Hometown - New Mexico, Mexico

Physical Appearance - Black mask with a silver phoenix with red trim on it, yellow and orange armband, long black trousers with flames coming from the bottom.

Description of gimmick - He is sick and tired of the big guys taking over, so x El Blaze x steps in Smile

Nicknames - ''The Luchador of MLW''

Catchphrases - ''Can you face the heat?'' ''Because EVERYONE knows...I...Am...The Luchadooooooorrr of MLW!''

Taunts - N/A

Trademarks Moves - Modified Sprinboard Corkscrew Splash, Modified Springboard Bulldog, Modified Dragonrana

Finisher Descriptions - Flying Embre: ''x El Blaze x strikes the adversary with multiple hits to the body and finishes with a superkick executing ......... Flying Embre _________ Scorching Savate: ''x El Blaze x runs towards the ropes and bounces off them catching his opponents head and using his momentum to swing forward and smashes his opponents head of the canvas executing ............ Scorching Savate

Entrance Video - N/A

Picture -

Backstory - I was a highly respected luchador in the MWF(Mexican Wrestling Federation) but slipped up on my death-defying finisher Scorching Savate causing a major injury on my neck taking me out for 11 years. But one night I was watching MLW on television and was mortified on how the heavyweights were taking over. So I joined MLW to teach the big guys how to wrestle...

x El Blaze x

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