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TAG TEAM Chelange

Post  ghostinshell on Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:32 pm

Somebody knock on the door
Ghost is coming...
Ghost went in the GM office looking very concentrated
After him in office came and one more man,weared in black training suit.
Ghost go directly trought the GM
Stop for the second 1 step near the GM and start
-Good morning ,mr GM
after my last visit here I think a lot
and now I am absolutly sure that we are ready to send chelange everybody in this company
My and my partner Altoman are ready to compeare every one in tag team match.
I think we are unbeaten.If someone dare to accept-he is welcome.
I said
Ghost make 2-3 staps back ,stop for moment after that turn over and quickly went from the office
the strong man standing near the door ,folow him


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