Creed vs. Honda aftermath

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Creed vs. Honda aftermath

Post  Shakerbork on Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:53 am

*Creed goes on air looking beaten up and frustrated*

*Creed unfolds his old chair and sits down, groaning full of pain and taking a deep breath*

Logan Creed: "Aaaaaaaaah, that hurt... *sinks in his chair* Okay, Logan Creed is feeling pretty much banged up, my body is screaming and I can honestly say, I got run over by a big fat mean (and ugly) Honda!!!

*leans towards the camera*

Logan Creed: "Buddy you won that night, you truly are one of the better guys in this league but I just had to find out myself!!!

Anyway... this league is still full of shitty jabronis who waste the GM's money, so fear not, beloved chair of mine...
*twisted smile*

Logan Creed: "There will be enough heads to get hit, enough backs to be broken and enough unworthy creatures to be removed from this place!!!

*stands up and graps his chair*

Logan Creed: "Fear the age of Creed!!!*

*leaves the screen, pulling his chair behind him*


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