CCC vs Awsome dude 2nd Show Rp

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CCC vs Awsome dude 2nd Show Rp

Post  Captain Charisma on Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:57 pm

Natalie Warne: Folks we'r here Backstage..Joining us at this Time is the Instant Classic Captain Charisma Christian!!!

*Crowd Cheers while Christian is standing still a few Seconds lesson to the Ovation*

Christian: Natalie, Tonight is the Beginning of a New Era in MLW...The Instant Classic will have his First Match on MLW..And he will make an Huge Impact in this Fed and Beginning to set a Mark!


Christian: And to my Opponent Awsome Dude..I Only got one Thing to say to you...You Better bring all you've got , or you will learn the Hard Way Why they Call Me The Most Spectacular Man On the Roster,the Instant Class,Captain Charisma Christian!!

*Crowd Cheering Instantly*

Christian drops The Mic and Walks awqay while The Camera is Fading away...
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